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"Working and travelling in Canada... BEST THING EVER! I extended my job and have seen both Summer & Winter in West Canada. This is the best working holiday ever! Every morning I look out the morning and it's like staring at a really expensive beautiful photo!"
"I'd never travelled anywhere before, Canago was really helpful and guided me the whole way! The people I spoke to were always so friendly!! I got the opportunity to work near a ski mountain, I'm a pro-snowboarder now ;). And now it's Summer, I've been hiking and rock climbing and heaps of stuff I never got to do at home!"
"I contacted Canago and found the help, services and friendliness to be first class. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a working holiday in Canada. Not only were they really helpful through finding me a job and with the Visa Process, they've continued to help me out while I'm here in Canada" -Blake
"I arrived in Alberta and didn't know a sole! I've been living and working in Banff National Park! Canago helped me set up everything that I needed. And then I got to my awesome job, and now I have friends on every part of the World! I've meet some of the nicest people, plenty of Aussies, but I've met heaps of people from Canada, Germany, England, New Zealand, everywhere!!"