2018 Season | Let's Go

Ahhhh Canada! Do the Summer months full of adventure sports in Banff, Lake Louise, Whistler and Kananaskis interest you? Or maybe you're looking to head over in Winter to experience the perfect powder? Either way Canago is here to help you with every step along the way and wherever you are in Alberta or British Columbia, you will find some of the most thrilling activities to do. 

 1. Apply Online 

The first step is nice and easy. Simply press the 'Apply' button on the top right-hand corner of this page and follow the three simple steps to register. From this stage, you'll then have your very own 'Canago Profile' which you can begin seleting your start date, preferences and skills. 

 2. Your Welcome Call

Once you've submitted your Canada Work & Travel Application, you'll be in very good hands with our team.  One of our friendly Canago Crew Members will take you under their wing and get in touch to schedule in your casual 10 minute introductory 'Welcome Call'. This will allow us to run through a few key details with you including the application process, key season dates, roles and resorts!  Want to book your welcome call today, click here!

 3. $99 Application Deposit

If you decide after your 'Welcome Call', that spending a summer or winter ski season in Canada is the right choice for you, you will then need to make payment of your $99 Application Fee. This will allow us to book in a day/time to conduct your face to face screening process with one of our Team Members who has lived and worked in North America. They will be happy to share their own experiences with you, in addition to supporting you with your application, selecting your leading job preferences & begin the process of matching you with the best suited Canadian Resort for the upcoming season. If for any reason, we feel that we cannot efficiently support your application after completing your screening interview, we will discuss this with you and your $99 Program Deposit will be refunded to you. 

4. Begin the Visa application

The Visa process can take at least 8 weeks to finish. So it's best to get in early just in case. Don't worry though we have a fully comprehensive guidebook on how to successfully submit and check on your Visa application. Once you've paid your deposit you will have access to this so you can get started.

As of November 2018, you will now need to attend a biometrics interview in a Canadian embassy, either Melbourne or Sydney.

5. Profile Preparation 

After successfully completing your screening interview and have been officially 'accepted' onto the Work & Travel Program, We will request for you to complete a short selection of documents so that your profile has all the golden touches complete and ready for us to begin showcasing you (and all that you have to offer) to our wonderful Canadian Resort properties. At this stage, you will also be provided support and guidance to complete you Canadian Working Holiday VISA.

6. Ready For Hire

Make payment of your second instalment of fees, minimum $400.00
This will allow us to begin the recruitment process of matching you with resorts and setting up your interview to discuss potential roles for the upcoming Summer or Winter season. This is where the exciting part really does begin!  

7. Resort Placement 

Congratulations on your Canadian Resort Placement! 
Exciting news, this means you've been successfully placed at a Canadian Hotel or Resort! This is the day where you call everyone you know and tell them you're off and away to a place that's always greener on the other side. Now, by this stage, all the hard work is completed. 

8. Confirmation

Your Final Installment of Fees  
Your last instalment of fees is due so that we can now lodge your 90-day medical insurance policy (including Ski Cover) and also book in a day/time for your 'Pre-Departure Session' with one of our awesome Canago Team members. We go through all the things you need to know for an efficient arrival into Canada. Your final payment/instalment of fees is due 45 days prior to your departure from Australia to Canada. 

9. Pre-Departure Session 

This is one of our favourite parts and we're sure it will be for you too! We will schedule you in for your 'Pre-departure Session' at a time that suits you, to run through all you need to for your smooth and simple arrival into Canada. During this. We will make sure all your ducks are in a row and you're ready to jet off to Canada for your adventure. 

10. Fly to Canada for your in-person orientation & Resort Placement

Now for the super fun part! Flying to Canada and getting all set up before heading to your Resort. Our Canadian team are fantastic and will walk you through everything you need before you get to your resort. They'll help you with your SIN and bank account set up as well as answering all of your questions in the orientation session.

Start your adventure with us at Canago today!