Welcome to Canago Australia! 

Welcome! It's time for you to begin your journey with us for the Summer or Winter Ski Season 'Work & Travel' experience in Canada. We've recently opened our applications, providing you the opportunity to 'Live, Work & Play' for 6-12 months one of the most iconic, remarkable locations in the world, the heart of the Canadian Rockies. 
At Canago Australia, we're currently partnered with a wonderful selection of prestigious 4-5 star resort properties based in the regions of Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Golden - all of which will soon be looking to interview and recruit Australian staff for the upcoming season. There is a great selection of resort based job roles available and all of our resorts provide the option for on-site staff accommodation (win win!) so you will not only be set up with a job before you leave, but your accommodation is taken care of too. All you need to do is begin your application with us and our friendly team will chat to you about your skills, experiences and preferences so we can match you with the ideal experience abroad. 
Over the last 16 years we have specialised in providing jobs in North America with quality, vetted employers, so we really know our stuff and will be happy to answer any (and all of your questions along the way!) so get in touch and let's get you prepared for a 'Cool Change' in Canada - That's what we like to call it anyway. 


  • You must be an Australian citizen aged 18-35 years
  • You should have a clear criminal background
  • Be positive, friendly and committed
  • Be open minded and flexible in working situations
  • Customer Service experience (or willing to get some) is always good
  • Be ready to have the best adventure of your life!!!!

Your next steps : 

Whether you're a solo Australian traveller or are joining us with your best buddy, our Canago team will be happy to assist you throughout your Canago adventure. As soon as we receive your application, we will take you under our wing, guide you through the application process to set you up with your job role, accommodation and VISA assistance, right through to landing in the most incredible country in the World! Want to find out more about the resorts and job roles available to you? click here to check them out 

Ready to get started? Well there's no time like the present (and we all love presents) When you are completing your online Canago Profile, this is your chance to really 'sell yourself' and show our recruiting resorts why they should hire you. The resorts want to see the very best of you, learn about your experiences, what motivates you and most importantly, why you will be a great asset and employee within their team! 

Once you have started completing your online profile, one of our friendly team members will get in touch with you to arrange your 'Welcome Call'. This is simply a 10 minute casual chat to run through the program with you, confirm your eligibility, offer a little advice and also provide your next steps in moving forward...it's really helpful, trust us. Once you've successfully completed your 'Welcome Call', the next step will be for you to make payment of your $99.00 Application Fee. 
Want to book in your welcome call, just click here to book in a time!

Canada is livening up... and we've got invites to the party!!!