One of the most preferred elements of our Canada 'Work & Travel' experience amongst our Australian applicants is that it provides you with the opportunity to Live, Work & Play all in one location. Once you have completed the application process and we have successfully confirmed your job role at one of our luxury resort properties, you will then be able to talk to your new employer about your accommodation preferences, confirming your room before you even leave Australia! Each of our recruiting resort properties are very dedicated to providing all international staff with a supportive and enjoyable work experience, therefore, all providing the option for staff accommodation/housing for the duration of your employment. Did we mention, it also makes for a great social atmosphere with your new colleagues and friends from around the world? Yep!

The Benefits

Once confirmed, your room will be ready and waiting for you before you event depart Australia. Whether this is your first time taking part in a 'Work & Travel' experience or you are a seasoned traveller, either way, having yourself prepared before you arrive always makes life easier when you are settling into a new location and workplace. It will not only save you time, but it will also save you money too! 

It's exceptionally cost friendly. That's right, not only is it cost effective but you will either be provided with on-site staff accommodation or will live very close by to your resort, in the heart of one of the most iconic locations in the world. Staff accommodation will range from $7 - $12 per day. 

Quality, Quality, Quality. We have established remarkable relationships with our Canadian Resorts, each year matching skilled Australian individuals with a wide selection of available roles. Our resorts have been efficiently vetted, confirming that you will not only be working in a property of an immaculate and professional standard but also accommodation which is collectively of a great, efficient standard. As mentioned above; trying to scout out your own accommodation can take time, money and can also mean a lesser level of quality, whilst also being further away from your workplace.  

Social. By living in the staff accommodation, it's definitely a great way to get social, and become great friends with your brand new colleagues from around the world! Did someone say vegemite taste testing?

We could certainly sit here all day and tell you more about the benefits of staff accommodation but we're sure you get the general idea by now. We simply hope it helps to make the decision process a little easier for you, knowing you're in good hands with a team of our Aussie Canago Crew who have all previously lived and worked throughout Canada & U.S.A. Want to find out more details on the Canago Resort Properties, click here now to check them out!