2018 Canada Season Dates

It's up to you when you'd like to join us for the 'Canago Work & Travel Experience', We currently have have a wonderful variety of positions available for Australian individuals for both the Summer and Winter seasons in Canada. Whether you're looking for a cool change, and a globetrotting adventure for the iconic Canada Winter season or you'd prefer to bask in the warm Summer sunshine, just let our team know your preferred departure date and we'll begin working our recruitment magic! 

Getting your application in nice and early will ensure you have the best possible chance at securing the position you want in Canada.

Winter months are a peak season for the ski resorts and most activites revolve around the enormous amounts of snowfall. The resorts will be at their busiest in the Winter. Dates best for the Winter season are from September through to November. You can never start your application for Winter too early, make sure you create an application today and we can help get you the best job for you!

Peak Season Dates 

Summer | Starting April 2018 for 6 months 

Winter | Starting October 2018 for 6 months 

If you're thinking resorts will be empty for the Summer, think again! Their are plenty of visitors coming for the mountain biking, hiking, horse riding rodeos and more! Dates best for Summer seasons are from the April onwards. Remember the application process can take up to 8 weeks, so don't leave it too late! We'd love to make sure you get to experience the best summer adventure in Canada.