Canago Medical Insurance

When entering Canada on your work permit, you will need to provide proof of insurance for the duration of your stay. Canago includs 90 days of Medical Insurance for our participants but the Visa requires the full duration.

What does my insurance cover?

Your insurance covers Medical care whilst in Canada, and includes accidents on piste snow and ski. Click here for details of the insurance policy included in our program.

While 90 days of insurance is included, we recommend that you have insurance for the duration of your stay. The charge per day for each day you take out is $1.80 CAN (Canadian Dollar) a day. Extensions at this rate can also be done whilst you are in Canada.

I need emergency medical treatment, what should I do?

Yourself or someone on your behalf should contact the helpline in your MyInsurance account as soon as possible, ideally before any medical treatment is administered. The help line is located in Canada so it will be in your timezone to call when/if you need it. Your MyInsurance account and 'Facilities Search' will tell you which locations in Canada you are insured to be treated at.

You can even download the MyInsurance app on your phone and search for treatment locations near you!

I've paid directly for Medical services, how do I get reimbursed?

In this situation, you should keep all invoices, documentation and receipts from this treatment. Via your MyInsurance online account (set up once your policy is activated) you can submit claims online and have payment made straight to your nominated bank account. It is always most beneficial to contact the insurance company as soon as possible before or during your treatment so they are aware of an expected claim.

Who can I contact about insurance questions?

Please call the office anytime on 0426 836 396 or email and we can answer any questions you have.