Independent Program $549

So, You've decided to spend a year in Canada, and you want to gain your own employment? Or you already have a job?

That's wonderful news!

An experience in Canada is truly incredible and unlike any other place in the world - Trust us, we've been there and couldn't pick a better place to live & work!

You're now probably wondering, what happens next? What else do I need to arrange to prepare myself before heading over to Canada? Well, you've certainly come to the right place.

That's where we come in. We'll provide our expert Australian advice, experience and assistance to guide you on your way so you are ready to kickstart your new adventure from the moment you arrive.

The full program fees for our Canada Independent Program are $549.00 AUD

The fees are broken down into the following instalments to make it easier for you to head to Canada and live out your Canadian adventures.

  • $99 Deposit

  • $250 - 1st instalment

  • $200 - Final instalment


Third Party Costs

What other costs do you need to factor in with the Canago program?

  • Work Permit/Visa application cost approx $250 CAN
  • Australian Federal Police Check $42
  • Flights to Canada (dependant on time of booking)
  • Insurance after the first 90 days in Canada
  • Visa biometrics fee of $85 and travel cost to Canadian consulate (Sydney or Melbourne)

By joining the Canago Independent program you will receive all the inclusions offered on our inclusion page except a placement in one of our Resorts.

We know it can sometimes be a little overwhelming planning your overseas adventure, so let us take care of the worry, let yourself relax and you can begin planning all the exciting, action-packed adventures awaiting you! (Time to start your ultimate Canadian bucket list, perhaps?)

All sound pretty good? Good! Well here's the next step for you - Start your online application with us at Canago Australia. It's free to begin the process and start talking more to our team.

There's no time like the present! And we all love presents.