• Ensures fine dining experience
  • Prepare for food production 
  • Maintain proper food rotation of line items
  • Produce and present food products
  • Maintian cleanliness and hygiene
  • Ensure food is stored correctly and appropriately

You should expect to work between 30-40 hours per week. Hours are dependent on job role.

Hourly rates vary from job-to-job.
A Line on average earns between $11-14 an hour. And in different locations tips may also be available to Line Cook.

  • Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre
  • Delta Lodge
  • Many other locations in Alberta

Job Offer:

Canago will match you up with a suitable employer and then it's down to you to impress and convince them you're the employee they've always been looking for! When they come to their senses and agree to hire you, your employer will provide you with details of your job location, title, hours of work, wage and any perk of the job, so you'll be fully informed before you leave home!