Revuew by Patrick Levitzke, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, 2014

“I've been at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for roughly 2.5 months now, working in the stewarding department; so mostly cleaning and dishwashing; not the best of the jobs here but I do work with some pretty fantastic people from all over the world; Germany, Czech Republic and some friends from back home in Aus. As well as this, your not usually confined to the department you get assigned to, other departments will regularly ask around for an extra hand  so if your willing, you get a sense of the whole workings of the hotel and what you like best pretty quickly. 

As for life outside of work, it's absolutely brilliant. Because you live essentially where you work (which might seem daunting at first) it quickly grows on you; a lot of the older staff have cars and are always going on fun adventures to nearby lookouts and touristy-type places, people are always up to something so the social life is definitely not lacking. The hotel also has staff activities, with organised events such as trips to nearby cities ( Edmonton west mall) and skydiving! Which I got to go for a really cheap price.

Now that winter is well and truly here, work slows down a bit so I plan to be doing a lot of snowboarding which is a lot of the reason I came here for ( plus you can get a discounted ski pass through the hotel). At the moment some friends and I are planning trips to Whistler and Vancouver, as well Banff which is quite close, and cheap as we get staff rates at any Fairmont hotel ( which can be as low as $70 a night for a 5 star resort!)”