Smaller earth – tým, který Ti představuje Canago


Tomáš - "My passion for cultural exchange started when I spent my first summer working and travelling in the U.S. Seeing a new culture and way of life was a life-changing experience for me. After that first summer, I knew that I wanted to continue doing cultural exchange programs, which is why I worked in the U.S. for four more summers. Being able to facilitate cultural exchange programs such as Canago , TEFL program and Camp Leaders has been a dream come true for me. Offering my advice and personally getting to know each participant is what my job is all about. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you in Prague and helping make your transition living abroad a success!" 



Eliška - Since I´ve started study at University I decided to travel and see so many places as possible. So I visited countries and beautiful cities around Europe and Africa, but I always knew I wanted to go to the US. Being a participant in Camp Leaders gave me this opportunity and ultimately changed my outlook on life. I was able to make friends from all over the world, experience a new culture, visit even more famous cities, and gain memories which will last me for a lifetime. Now that I am working for Smaller Earth, Camp Leaders and Canago, I am able to help other people have this same great experience, and to me this is the best job a person can have!



Shannon - "I always knew that I wanted to live a  more exciting life, which is why I chose to permanently move to Prague. After studying abroad here, I fell in love with the city, architecture, and people. Moving here was one of the best and most challenging decisions I have ever made. For the past year I have been teaching English with my TEFL degree as well as working for Smaller Earth Czech Republic. Helping others embark on a cultural exchange program, and knowing all of the great experiences that they will have, is really one of the best parts of my job. For any questions that you may have about studying abroad, getting your TEFL, or other Hello Academies and Smaller Earth  cultural exchange programs, please feel free to email me at"