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Canada is the second largest country in the world and renowned for its beautiful landscape, friendly citizens and high quality of life. Whether you’re an outdoorsy, wandering backpacker or a fun-loving party goer, Canada offers the perfect gap year, with its vast, untouched landscapes dotted with thriving and exciting cities.

Canada has a very healthy economy and continues to be a major tourist destination. Culturally, the country is very diverse, making it popular with travellers and continues to be one of the safest countries in the world. With its liberal outlook on politics and its generous welfare system, Canada is often cited as one of the top five countries in the world to live and work. 

Canada’s major cities have thriving nightlife scenes, with a variety of pubs, clubs and bars. Downtown Toronto has over 50 clubs – one of which, The Guvernment, is the biggest in North America with a total capacity of 10,000 people.

For those who prefer a slower pace, there are still great nights out, with ample opportunities to sit down, with a whiskey on the rocks, having a chat and listening to a bit of live music.

Even with the smaller towns out near the national parks, there are still a whole load of pubs and bars where you can have a great night meeting the locals and experiencing rural Canadian life.

Because Canada is so big, its weather and season patterns vary depending on the area. In the southern parts of Canada, where most of the major cities lie, the winters are long and cold, meaning tourists tend to stick to the ski resorts and city hubs.

However, when winter passes and spring/summer come around, the weather turns pleasant, reaching highs of 30°C, and people often venture out into the wilderness to capture the stunning beauty of the country.

Summer sees 10 days, June 21 to July 1, of partying in celebration of the country’s rich cultural heritage. When it comes to ski resorts in the summer, you would be wrong in thinking they're empty. Most of the ski resorts open up to hikers, bikers, climbers and more, all of whom take advantage of the amazing landscapes on offer.

As summer dies down, the country’s literary and arts scene begins to flourish, with tons of poetry events and international film festivals taking place. Canada also holds the biggest Oktoberfest outside Germany. When the winter comes around the biggest activities lie within the snow sports. The Canadian winter also sees thousands of hopefuls trying to catch a glimpse of the world-famous, Northern Lights.

When it comes to top places to ski, Canada is always hanging around at the top of the list and it’s easy to see why. Canadian slopes provide stunning views and amazing scenery, not to mention killer runs and millions of tons of guaranteed snow.

In the world of skiing, Canada is well known for its high standards of organisation, safety and service and the most popular resorts tend to be high end and luxurious, giving the skiing atmosphere a real community feel.

Get your skis on and get going today!

Cost Reviews

"After arriving in Canada not knowing a sole I have made friends from all over the world – Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Poland.  My flat mates are from the UK, Czech and Ireland. I was nervous to begin with but having met some other Canago participants at the airport and then more at the orientation I was soon at ease."


"Overall I believe that this Canago experience is the best thing that I have ever done. Lots of my friends said that they wanted to travel after university but never actually did anything about it. I am so grateful that the Canago team encouraged me to take the leap!"

"Canago has done a wonderful job in supporting me throughout this process!  I always had MANY questions and queries but they managed to answer every single one.  Thank to all their help, this journey to Canada will be life changing; definitely something I will never forget."


"I have spent the past 5 most incredible months living and working in Canada and it is not over yet! I have been working in Banff National Park in a luxury resort. My job as a waiter is very easy, the tips are good and although hours can be long it is well worth it.  What other job could you hit the slopes during your time off?!"

Work & Travel
In Canada


What's Included

  • A guaranteed interview with Canadian employer, prior to departure
  • Accommodation arranged with your employer before departure
  • 90 days comprehensive medical insurance (incl. on piste cover)
  • Advice and support with securing your IEC Work Permit
  • UK based interview days with Canadian employers
  • Full orientation
  • Assistance setting up a bank account and social insurance number
  • Advice and assistance throughout the duration of your trip
  • Freephone number to put you in touch with our Canadian office


One year for £575




Our dedicated Canago team will assist you throughout your Canadian adventure, from your initial registration to landing in the great maple syrup eating, hockey loving, big foot territory. Please note that we are only accepting applications for the 2014 season if you have already secured a Canadian working visa.

We receive thousands of applications for our Canago program each season making it highly competitive. To reserve your place on the 2015 program you can now start an application and pay a £25 'hold my spot fee'. This fee will reserve your fee on the Canago program if you are successful in securing your Canadian Working Visa. 


  • 18 -30 Years Old
  • Be a citizen of the UK or any other eligible country
  • You should have a clean criminal background
  • Be positive, friendly, committed and have a minimum of 6 months professional work experience
  • You must have a high command of the English Language in both oral and written skills
  • You should be open minded and flexible in working situations


Job opportunities in Canada vary depending on when you head out, although they tend to fall within two typical categories; hospitality jobs in 5-star resorts/hotels or positions working on the slopes.

You'll be matched to an employer in a job role that we feel best compliments your previous work experience. You'll go through a pre-screen interview with one of our global travel advisors here at Canago, to identify your strengths, before we put you forward for an interview with one of our vetted employers in Canada.


Accommodation will vary depending on your employer. Some will include staff housing with the job role and others will be in partnership with the local hostels to give you great discounts on shared rooms.

Here at Canago, we understand how stressful it can be to sort out accommodation before you depart, so we're here to lend a helping hand.

We'll liaise with both you and your employer to get your bed set up for when you arrive, so you can curl up and get over your jet lag pronto!


The Canadian work permit is a notoriously competitive visa to obtain. Each year, a select number of visas are issued to each participating country by International Experience Canada (IEC) and, like a Wonka Golden Ticket, once those visas have been snapped up, there are no more to go around.

Releasing the visas on a 'first come, first served' basis means it's vital you stay ahead of the game and be as prepared as you can be. The release usually happens between January and March each year and Canago will keep you up to date with the latest visa information every step of the way.


Once you have obtained your visa, it really is up to you when you'd like to start work! We have positions available year round, in all seasons. So, whether it's the fluffy snow that attracts you or the warm sunshine, you can start your job at the time of year that suits you best.

Ski season jobs will typically run from October through to April and this time of year can be particularly busy for employers. Getting your application in nice and early will ensure you have the best possible chance at securing the position you want.



About Canago

Canago offers you the ultimate Canadian experience, allowing you to head over and take up a flexible seasonal job for up to 12 months, in one of the many breath-taking locations Canada has to offer.

You choose when you want to head out and we do the rest. Over the last 16 years we've specialised in providing jobs in North America with quality, vetted employers, so we really know our stuff.

Our expert Canago team will assist you throughout your Canadian adventure, from your initial registration to landing in the most stunning country in the world. You can secure your job prior to departure with a range of positions available.

Canada is livening up...and we've got invites to the party!

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